EUCO is a product in the Concrete Floor Joint Filler category that meets ASTM , approved. Find submittal-ready datasheets, SDS, specs, ICC-ES reports. Euco is a two part epoxy product. The Part A is pigmented grey. The Part B is cream coloured. When the two parts are mixed together, the result is a grey. Add to Quote. Product Description. EUCO is a two component, semi-rigid epoxy for filling control and construction joints in industrial concrete floors This.

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View modes Linear Mode Threaded Mode. CC Solutions Show this Post. Sometimes it works out to be the best.

Joint Sealing

I lose jobs every day because people don’t want to do it right. Ernesto Show this Post. Ernesto Concrete Moisture Expert.

Doin it right is cheaper than crossing fingers. I may steal that line I like it a lot!


Jd you mentioned the euco quikjoint Perhaps you know the other products. I have a job where GC put euco in a stress crack poorly spaced joints running the whole width of slab 80′. Now we can see a line tracking the crack repair under the flooring. Does that jive in your mind?

I am having a hard time understanding the difference between them. Understanding the difference eco what? If you see a crack, the joint has moved.

EUCO – Construction Midwest, Inc. | Minnesota & Wisconsin

Why else would you see the crack? Between why the structural engineer would spec a epoxy euco vs the polyurea euco When I read about the two it seems to say the. The is an epoxy and harder. Has a longer open time and would flow to the bottom of the crack better.

Preventing cracking, scaling, and crumbling concrete in the cold winter m GwenythLairdPernie. Last Post by GwenythLairdPernie Thread links Share it.