Guide. FADING SUNS REVISED EDITION CORE RULEBOOK Playtesting: Emrey Barnes, Forest Black, Milo Blue, John Bridges, Bernie Clark, Ian Cooke. As you may know, an early version of the Fading Suns 3rd edition was This Playtest version is the weirdest playtest I’ve ever seen. Fading Suns 3 Concept Document a bad thing and downloading the leaked Fading Suns 3 playtest document: the FS3 Labels: fading suns . The final chapter of the Fading Suns Third Edition (FS3) Players Guide covers.

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I’m a long time fan of Fading Suns, and I always wished they could’ve finished up the War in the Heavens trilogy. It would’ve been awesome to finally get closer look at the Annunaki and all that jazz. Charioteers and Engineers, anyone?

It’s like some kind of depressing Greek tragedy; if they would just not give you guys the satisfaction you wouldn’t prey on them so remorselessly. I wonder if they will do the Imperial fleet then, too. It might be a while after FotFS is releaed before there’s any confirmation on that account, though.

While most of the buzz on Mongoose’s boards has been filled with talk about A Call to Arms: Star Fleetthere is still room for a few new updates on the Noble Armada front; a new preview pdf for Fleets of the Fading Sunsplus a few new units for 3fd al MalikDecadosHawkwood and Hazat and Hazat once more.

I can definitely see a place for some Hazat Allat Escorts on my table in the near-future. Wielder of the Dao of Sarnese Fiat.

Member of the Playtesst Holy Trinity.

Fading Suns 3rd Edition Playtest PDF

Holder of the 10 celestial point record in the “Little Black Book of Cappiedom. So I finally managed to get a printed copy of the ACtA: NA rulebook plsytest this week! Better late wuns never, I guess; though here’s hoping there won’t be a similar problem with trying to get Fleets of the Fading Suns Star Fleetfor that matter.


Oh, by the way, in case anyone is wondering, RedBrick have moved to a new home page and forums ; though the bulk of the info they had hosted on the old site for the Fading Suns RPG is still in the midst of being ported over.

Nerroth on 27 January Lore on 27 January On the RedBrick plqytest of things, facing has been an announcement ; which mentions both a change in the design team developing the third edition of the Fading Suns RPG, as well as plans to expand into the tabletop side of things not least with their own take on Noble Armada.

NA or what may happen if it doesn’t remains to be seen Fighter of the Nightman ah-ah-ah Champion of the Sun ah-ah-ah. And speaking of announcements, RedBrick’s discussion forum is going away. It will be a shame not to have an official place to talk over FS3 and the new NA ; or for the likes palytest Equinox 3rr, for that matter.

Hopefully, it won’t be too logng before the print edition makes it to my FLGS As noted over in the FASA 2. Interesting that the two ships on the front cover are both barbarian designs; and that they are each based on the Mongoose miniature for each class. But then, I could imagine Holistic wanting to have the visual aspects of its IP to share that kind of commonality between licence holders, the way Majestic 12 and Mongoose do through their own separate agreements with ADB.

Reportedly, the Church fleet pre-orders won’t be far behind; with the Vau to follow thereafter. Also, the bulk of the Church fleet is now up on the Mongoose site; notably, their Ananda suicide fighters are also available to House Li Halan.

Nerroth on 27 September My impression is that HDI are pretty hands-off with the license these days. As I mentioned, Mongoose playyest shown a cavalier attitude towards what’s come before them with previous projects as well; Babylon 5, Paranoia, etc. If I have to assign blame, I’m pretty comfortable laying it on them. It particularly makes no sense as a choice in the context of Fading Suns, as the Charioteers handle ship piloting, and I don’t see the guilds being very enthusiastic about suiciding for the church.


It makes sense for the Kurgans, sort of. It doesn’t make sense for the Li Halan or the Church at all.

Fading Suns Bootleg – Setting | Shut Up, Internet

Ships are incredibly scarce, and there aren’t even that many people able to fly them. Why would you kill off your very small talent pool? In the meantime, Mongoose have added sunss first three ship classes for the Vau Hegemony to the website; the PDF edition of Fleets of the Fading Suns should be updated to include all of the photos shown to this point, and the print edition should then be ready to go to press.

I kind of wish lpaytest Vau ship models had their quantum spheres, though. Garrand Master Sergeant Posts: In terms of fighter pilots, per Legions of the Empire are drawn from the nobility p.

Garrand on 03 October The covers of both this file and the Players’ Guide have been done so that they line up together to show a circular jumpgate – complete with leering faces and gargoyles along the rim.

Khymerion on 30 June Akalabeth on 29 January Do not offend the chair leg of truth. It is wise and terrible. The GM is only right for as long as the facts back him up.

Mongoose edltion yesterday that A Call to Arms: Von Jankmon Lieutenant Posts: I don’t mind though, some discussion on Fading Suns is always welcome, I liked the background alot. We have invented ‘Enhanced Imaging’ which will markedly improve your piloting ability at the cost of your sanity.