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This article presents a brief systematization about a pioneer experience of Colegio de la Inmaculada -Jesuitas, a private catholic school located in Lima Peru in relation to its environmental projects developed as part of its institutional policy since several decades ago.

This experience has deserved public acknowledgement by other Peruvian institutions. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available This article fioosofia a brief systematization about a pioneer experience of Colegio de la Inmaculada -Jesuitas, a private catholic school located in Lima Peru in relation to its environmental projects developed as part of its institutional policy since several decades ago. Reassessing the Guerrero slow-slip event, Mexico: Filosofoa for large earthquakes in dell Guerrero Gap.

In GuerreroMexico, slow-slip events have been observed in a seismic gap, where no earthquakes have occurred since A rupture of the entire gap today could result in a Mw 8. However, it remains unclear how slow-slip events change the stress field in the Guerrero seismic region. This study attempts to recount the history of the main hospitals of the port of Acapulco from colonial times until the end of the 20th century. The Augustine friars began hospital care at the end of the first part of the 16th century.

Later, Bernardino Alvarez ? During the 16th and 17th centuries, the sick were attended by friars, and by the end of the 19th century there were physicians and surgeons. From the end of the Independence War until the end of the 19th century, the port did not have any true hospital. The first degreed physicians and surgeons arrived and resided in Acapulco in At the fourth decade of the past century the Cruz Roja Red Cross was created. This began the journey of modernity in Acapulco.

Inmedical services for civil workers and their families were housed in the Hospital Civil Morelos Morelos Civil Hospital. During the 20th century, Acapulco has added other hospital services to care for members of the navy and armed forces, as well as for those persons with financial resources for private care.

Les deux axes permettent de mettre en l Full Text Available This article aims to present brief history of one of the most important cities and ports of Mexico, it is Acapulco, Guerrero. The period under review comprises the year to In this period urban settlement that has been disrupted by several processes, economic, social and political aspects of international and national character that must be analyzed.

This is done from available cartographic material, which is comple- mented by bibliographical, documentary and statistical information.

Also, the observations made by the Malaspina expedition, Humboldt and Ratzel are retaken. While it dilosofia true the issue has already been presented by several authors, the contribution of this article is that the exercise is updated.

The study of tectonic deformation rates using displaced shoreline features is relatively well-established, and has provided much useful information on seismic hazard. Such studies have frequently been complemented by analysis of the coastal sedimentary record, where past marine to terrestrial environmental changes and vice versa may be recorded by clear changes in stratigraphy. Studies of this type are particularly valuable for tectonically-active areas where the preservation of former shoreline features is poor, or where long-term subsidence has resulted in their erosion, drowning or burial.

The specific objective of this study is to derive hobre of tectonic deformation from geomorphic and stratigraphic studies of the Guerrero coastal area, and to examine the feasibility of this stratigraphic approach in the coastal lagoons of the Mexican Pacific coast, in the Guerrero gap.


The Guerrero gap coastal area, where a major earthquake is expected to occur, parallels the Cocos plate subduction zone. Here filosoofia rates vary from 5. The Guerrero gap has experienced several historical earthquakes, notably the 7. Landforms within the Guerrero gap indicate that the coast is subsiding.

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A series of key indicators such as elongated islands reminiscent of ancient barriers, submerged barriers island, extensive marshy environments, increased depths in the lagoons, and submerged anthropogenic features shell moundsamong others, suggest active tectonic subsidence of the coast. In contrast, the adjacent vergnaus area off the Guerrero gap exhibits landforms characteristic of tectonic uplift marine terraces and uplifted beach ridgesindicating a different seismo-tectonic regime northwest of the.

Organochlorine pesticide levels in breast milk in GuerreroMexico.

In Mexico, organochlorine pesticides were used in public health and agriculture programs, causing chronic exposure to the population. Human breast milk samples were collected from mothers who were residents from GuerreroMexico.

Analysis was carried out by gas chromatography. These values are lower than in other States in Mexico, and in some countries where the use of these pesticides was banned more than 30 years ago. Se identificaron 17 especies de Cyanobacteria, 93 Rhodophyta, 28 Chlorophyta y 25 de Heterokontophyta. We present results on the study on benthic marine algae in 7 localities from the west coast of GuerreroMexico.

We report species: Fifty four are new records for Guerrero ; while Myrionema strangulans Greville and Acrochaete ramosa N. Gardner O’Kelly are new to the Pacific coast of Mexico. Each species includes data on its distribution, reproductive stages, tidal level, facies, epiphytism and herbarium’s number. Species diversity was compared for 2 different climatic seasons.

The Rhodophyta are dominant in terms of diversity in relation to the other groups. The algal flora of the northwest coast of Guerrero is tropical and the greatest diversity was found during dry seasons. Phylogenetic stratigraphy in the Guerrero Negro hypersaline microbial mat. The microbial mats of Guerrero Negro GNBaja California Sur, Mexico historically were considered a simple environment, dominated by cyanobacteria and sulfate-reducing bacteria. Culture-independent rRNA community profiling instead revealed these microbial mats as among the most phylogenetically diverse environments known.

escudero inmaculada guerrero: Topics by

With this unprecedented coverage of long sequences from one environment, we vergnayd the mat is phylogenetically stratified, presumably corresponding to light and geochemical gradients throughout the depth of the mat.

Previous shotgun metagenomic data from the same depth profile show the same stratified pattern and suggest that metagenome properties may be predictable from rRNA gene sequences. We verify previously identified novel lineages and identify new phylogenetic diversity at lower taxonomic levels, for example, thousands of operational taxonomic units at the family-genus levels differ considerably from known sequences. The new sequences populate parts of the bacterial phylogenetic tree that previously vergnauv poorly described, but indicate that any comprehensive survey of GN diversity has only begun.

Finally, we show that taxonomic conclusions are generally congruent between Sanger and sequencing technologies, with the taxonomic resolution achieved dependent on the abundance of reference sequences in the relevant region of the rRNA fllosofia of life. Full Text Available We recorded the Blue-gray Tanager Thraupis episcopus on the southeastern coastal plain of the state of GuerreroRger, in urban areas with cover of scattered trees of native and introduced species.

The current range known for this taxon comprises lowlands of eastern Mexico, from south-central Nuevo Leon to the Yucatan peninsula, including eastern Oaxaca and the Pacific slope on the coastal plain of Chiapas.

However, there doger no published previous records of the species in Guerrero. Full Text Available A new way of interpreting the regional reality of Mexico lays on the precepts of the theory of economic assimilation of the territory. This paper presents a synthetic cartographic image of the state of Guerreroobtained by attending the central assumptions rger that theory. This map is useful in many arenas having to do with urban and regional planning. One major finding of this research is related to the existence of an overwhelming number of levels of economic assimilation in Guerrero.

Peracarida from Guerrero and Oaxaca, Mexico. De 4 ejemplares, se identificaron 6 familias y 9 morfotipos: Hexapleomera robusta, Sinelobus stanfordi, Leptochelia cf.

Todos son registros nuevos para el litoral de Guerrero y Oaxaca. The tanaidaceans are essential components in food chains of marine benthos, since they are the main food source for commercially important species and other marine organisms. Despite their importance, problems related to their biology and taxonomy have delayed the understanding of the group, as observed on the coasts of Guerrero and Oaxaca, where only 1 genus was previously known.


The aim was to determine the species richness and distribution patterns of littoral tanaids from Guerrero and Oaxaca. A total of 4 specimens were collected and 6 filodofia and 9 morphotypes have been identified: Comision Federal de Electricidad installed a kW wind turbine in the Guerrero Negro isolated electrical grid to evaluate, under actual operation conditions, the contribution of wind energy in the generation filosofiz electricity.

This paper describes the performance of the wind turbine in terms of its availability, power curve and electricity produced.

Full text of “Catalogue of the Astor library (continuation). Authors and books. A-[Z]”

The results have been satisfactory, electricity was supplied with a lesser fuel consumption than before. En este trabajo se describen los resultados del primer ano de operacion del aerogenerador en terminos de su vegnaud, curva de potencia y generacion obtenida.

Los resultados han sido satisfactorios, registrandose una reduccion en el consumo de combustible fosil en el sistema. Slow slip events in GuerreroMexico, and consequences on strain accumulation over the past 15 years. The existence of these SSEs asks the question of how seismic and aseismic slips complement each other in subduction zones.

The slip distributions on the plate interface associated with each SSE, as well as the inter-SSE short-term coupling rates are evaluated by inverting these surface displacements.

Our results reveal that the three analyzed SSEs have equivalent moment magnitudes of around 7. The slip distributions for the three SSEs show that in the Guerrero gap area, the slow slip occurs at shallower depth updip limit around km than in surrounding regions.

The joint inversion of InSAR and cGPS data confirms the lateral variation of the slip distribution along the trench, with shallower slip in the Guerrero seismic gap, west of Acapulco, and deeper slip further east.

Inversion of inter-SSE displacement rates reveal that during the inter-SSE time intervals, the interplate coupling is high in the area where the slow slip subsequently occurs. Moreover, the regions of large slip deficit coincide with the rupture areas of recent large earthquakes. We conclude that the SSEs account for a major portion of the overall moment release budget in the Guerrero gap. Guerrero ‘s testimony examines 1 challenges in securing the nation’s transportation system; 2 actions transportation operators, as well as state and local governments, have taken since September 11 to enhance security; 3 the federal role in Se identificaron 35 especies, de las cuales tres son nuevos registros para el intermareal rocoso de Guerrero: La riqueza de especies de moluscos registrada se considera alta y corresponde a lo esperado para un sustrato rocoso en zona tropical.

The State of GuerreroMexico, has priority marine areas for conservation of its biodiversity, but information concerning diversity of mollusks is limited, so it is convenient to carry out species inventories, studies of populations and community ecology.

This study was conducted in the intertidal rocky beach Tlacopanocha. The objectives were to determine richness, density and species diversity, analyze the species composition and size structure. Access to Higher Education: Full Text Available This literature review article aims to present the current state of the higher education in Guerrero and Oaxaca, Mexico, so that to show the limited access for the young indigenous population and its relationship to poverty.

The issue being addressed is of significance since both Mexican states have an average of schooling below the national average: By implementing some tools of descriptive statistics and information about the latest school cycles andwe found that half of youth population in these two states lives in rural areas, one-fourth are speakers of an indigenous language, and only slightly more than ten per cent of indigenous young people over 18 years old belong to the total enrollment of higher education.

Insights into the causal relationship between slow slip and tectonic tremor in GuerreroMexico. Similar to other subduction zones, tectonic tremors TTs and slow-slip events SSEs take place in the deep segment of the plate interface in GuerreroMexico.