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Study Flashcards On TM principles of autos at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the . TM () PRINCIPLES OF AUTOMOTIVE VEHICLES. [U.S. Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. TM and TO 36A, . Metal Body Repair and Related Operations FM Operator’s Manual for Welding Theory Principles of Automotive Vehicles TM Camouflage FM

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Four Stroke Cycle Operation. Gasoline Engine Versus Diesel Engine. Four Stroke Cycle Diesel. Two-Stroke Cycle Diesel Disadvantages. Measuring Crankshaft Rotation Figure The Rotary Engine 9-0800 Speed Relationship of Rotor to Eccentric Shaft.


Fresh Air Intake System Figure Ignition Timing Valve Timing. Valve Opening Duration Figure Conversion of Torque to Work. Requirements of a Cylinder. Typical Cylinder Head Installation.

Full and Partial-Skirted Pistons. Configurations of Piston Rings.

Types of Compression Rings. Operation of Compression Rings. Top Ring Groove Insert. Typical Insert Bearing Installation.

Examples of Adjusting Valve Clearance. Fuel Filter Configurations Fuel Pumps. Fuel Filter Element Configurations.


Mechanical Positive Pump Installation. Bellows-Type Electric Fuel Pump. Ram Induction Manifold Figure Water Heated Intake Manifold Figure Principles of Carburetion Figure Idle and Low-Speed Systems. Engine Coolant Heated Choke. Exhaust Heat-Tube Type Choke. Fast Idle Cam Operation. 9-8000 Barrel Carburetor with Fixed Linkage. Mechanical Progressive Linkage Operation.

Vacuum Progressive Linkage Operation. Secondary Air Valve Operation.


Heated Air Intake System Operation. Other Causes for Knocking. 9-0800 Chamber Figure Operation of the chamber Section III.

Multiple Unit Injection Pump. Injector Nozzles Figure Wobble Plate Pump System Figure Wobble Plate Injection 9-8000. Pressure-Timed Delivery Injector Operation. PSB Distributor lnjection System. Manifold Flame Heater System. Jacobs Engine Break Chapter 6. Exhaust Manifold Figure Manifold Heat Control Valve Figure Catalytic Converter Special Considerations. 9-800 Pump System Figure Fuel Evaporation Control System Figure How Oil Lubricates Figure Oil Pickup and Strainer Figure Oil Filtering Mediums Figure Liquid Cooled System Figure Engine Radiator Construction Figure Water Pump Construction Figure Viscous Fan Clutch Figure Variable Pitch Fan Figure Bellows Type 98000 Figure Pellet Type Thermostat Figure Coolant Bypass Figure Pressure Cap Figure Closed Cooling System Figure Air Cooling System Chapter The Otto Cycle Figure The Brayton Cycle Figure Air Inlet Section Figure Axial Compressor Figure Centrifugal Compressor Figure Combustion Chamber Figure Typical Recouperator Figure Radial Inflow Turbine Figure Axial Flow Design Figure Typical Fuel-Oil Cooler Figure Covalent Bonding OF Silicon.


Amperage Current and Voltage. Bar and Horseshoe Magnets Figure Electromagnetism in a Wire Coil.

TM Principles of Automotive Vehicles Manual

Comparison of Discharge Characteristics. Battery Installation Configurations Figure Reverse-Series Field Generator 99-8000 Vibrating Point Voltage Regulator.

Vibrating Point Regulator Circuit. Thermostatic Control of Third-Brush Generator. Main and Auxiliary Generators. Carbon-Pile Regulation of 9-80000. Diode Arrangement Rectifier Bridge. Inductor Alternator Figure Brushless-Rotating Rectifier Figure AC Generator Regulation Figure Vibrating Point Regulating Circuit Figure Transistorized Voltage Regulator Figure Field Relay and Warning Light Circuit.

Typical Starting Motor Figure Gear Reduction Starter Figure Pedal Shift Starter Figure Key and Pushbutton Control Circuits Figure