Frank B. Wilderson III is an award-winning writer, activist, and critical theorist who spent five and a half years in South Africa, where he was one of two Americans. Frank B. Wilderson, III is an Associate Professor in the Drama Doctoral Program and the African American Studies Program at UC Irvine. He has taught literature. FRANK B. WILDERSON, III is a longtime activist and organizer against racism and the prison-industrial complex. He spent five and one-half years in South Africa.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. In one episode 2 her cover is that of an investigative journalist who convinces the nephew of an Afghan Taliban leader that she can get him out of Islamabad and help him find safe haven in England.

Always Already Links

She convinces him frqnk the two of them must stay holed up in a secret apartment for three days as transport is being arranged for his safe passage. In point of fact, the apartment is a CIA safe house in which Carrie holds this young man captive.

She then proceeds to seduce him; he thinks they are in the throes of some sort of love affair which is overdetermined by mutual consent. It is a rape scenario because 1 Frank B. The student government asked wwilderson debaters to address the following question in their opening 15 minute remarks: In fact, the gun she holds to his head is not one weapon but the weapons of three million soldiers in uniform and their arsenal of drones and technologies of death.

The Italicized Life of Frank Wilderson ’78

She forces sex upon him through her capacity; the capacity that her white skin embodies. Another way of saying this is to say that White desire is always already weaponized. She forces sex on him through the capacity that White bodies have to weaponize White desire. The young Afghan man is fucked!

He is fucked at every level of abstraction. The guns are also pointed at his head from outside in the street: To paraphrase Frantz Fanon: In other words, White sexuality wilderon always already weaponized.


To put it differently, but no less to the point, the United State of America is a big, bad rapist; a big bad rapist that projects the fantasy of its vulnerability onto Muslims, Mexicans, Native Americans and Blacks. For our purposes we should note that the rapist projects the fantasy of vulnerability by suggesting that she or he is the victim of Islamic jihadism or the victim of Black agitation against cop killing.

Incognegro, a Memoir of Exile and Apartheid

The big bad rapist would have us believe that America is the victim; and underneath that phantasmagoric projection, underneath the fantasy of vulnerability, is a set of assumptions that America is indeed an ethical social and political formation; that the problems that America has are not structural, but rather, that they are performative i. Thus, a captured cutout cannot be used to identify members of an espionage cell.

The White family and the White state have the fire power and the institutional infrastructure feank enforce their projections. What people of color get to do when they go to the polls is decide what flavor of this rape fantasy they are going to support.

But for Black people, voting is not just a performance of dispossession. We have to dig deeper and see how the very bedrock, the structure, the very paradigm of wklderson politics is predicated on sexualized violence against Black people.

Anti-Blackness is the genome of electoral politics. In short, anti- Blackness is the genetic material of this organism called the United States of America. The wildersson projections that have been weaponized to rape the young Afghan man would not be possible if the paradigm of the weaponization was not already in place prior to the conflict between Muslims and the USA; and that weaponized paradigm is overdetermined by anti-Blackness.

The Italicized Life of Frank Wilderson ’78 | Dartmouth Alumni Magazine

A recent history book does this job of diachronic explanation, brilliantly. A small portion of the book focuses on the Electoral College. Without the sexualized violence against and mass incarceration of hundreds of thousands of Black captives, Americans would not be able to elect a U.


Thomas Jefferson would never have become president. More than enough to send Jefferson to the White House. How else canpeople be made to procreate, under pain of torture of death, into 4 million people if they are not incarcerated and forced into sex?

Slave breeding is a kind of forced sex that makes the words like rape and incarceration puny and inadequate. The Afghan young man had a prior moment of freedom, and a prior space of consent, before the White women held him captive and raped him.

For Blacks there is no prior space and time of freedom and consent: People of color experience this madness from time to time; but the forced procreation of Blackness is the bedrock of this madness. Slave women and men had no consent to be violated. wilderon

In other words, they were incarcerated everywhere and always; because, having no consent, they were captive to the violent and sexual whims of anyone, anywhere. All of this points to a paradigm of oppression; but not one in which Blacks were subjects who found themselves in a context of captivity which denied them most of their rights; but in which they were objects beyond the boundaries of any kind of rights discussion. An historical analysis of the Electoral College illustrates how Black people are political currency, not political actors.

Blacks are political currency, not political actors. Josephine Baker was famous Black singer, dancer, actor, and activist who renounced her American citizenship in She became a citizen of France and was also a highly decorated intelligence operative in the French Resistance.

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