GLENMAC, INC., based in Jamestown, North Dakota, along with your authorized harley dealer, are proud that you chose to purchase a Harley Power Box Rake. GLENMAC, INC., based in Jamestown, North Dakota, along with your authorized Harley dealer, are proud that you chose to purchase a Harley Power Box. glenmac harley equipment from EMUS – Earth Machinery Used Sales Earth Machinery Used Sales was first established January by husband and wi.

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Harley Power Box Rakes, Glenmac’s major product line, will now be manufactured and harleu by Paladin, which is headquartered in Iowa.

That company owns 12 brands of construction, recycling and forestry attachment products with over 1, employees and 16 facilities throughout North America, according to a press release from the company. The purchase of Glenmac’s assets was finalized late last week, McPherson said.

Paladin took over operation of the Jamestown home office and plant as well as a plant in Clarissa, Minn. Glenmac, which is owned glfnmac the McPherson family and other shareholders, will remain the property owner. No employees were laid off due to the sale. About 55 Jamestown employees and 25 employees at a plant in Clarissa, Minn.

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The company will continue to manufacture Harley attachments, a landscaping tool that attaches to skid steers or tractors. The attachments are used for site development in residential areas and golf courses, by smoothing out the land for landscaping.


Two units have been used during the war in Iraq to sweep the ground, clearing anti-personnel mines from areas where troops are moving in, he said. The military is testing the product and a contract for sale of the product is still expected.

A third plant owned by Glenmac was not sold to Paladin. Cherrington Enterprises, which makes beach cleaning equipment, is located in Fairfax, Minn. That company was purchased by Glenmac in McPherson and his three sons, Mike, Mitch and Mark, will continue working out of the Jamestown office, he said.

McPherson is working as a part-time advisor to the company, Mike is the president of Cherrington, Mitch will work on property management with Glenmac and Mark will manage division sales for Paladin.

Glenmac Harley Power Rake | Grega Enterprises

Harlej decision to sell Glenmac’s assets came in a time when the trend is for smaller companies to merge with larger companies, McPherson said.

Selling provided the company with an opportunity to grow. At this point, Paladin has not committed to anything. However, with a larger company at the helm there is a possibility that the company could expand, he said.

Jamestown’s Glenmac now known as Harley Attachments LLC

That could mean more jobs at the Jamestown and Minnesota Harley plants sometime in the future. Glenmac has been around sinceMcPherson said. Glen Seibold, now deceased, and McPherson started selling Harley rock picking equipment that Seibold had been selling off his farm.


In the s, the company “took off” with the creation of the Harley attachment. It wasn’t until that Glenmac began manufacturing Harley attachments. That’s when the original Harley plant in Clarissa, Minn. Thirteen years later the plant in Jamestown was built.

McPherson credited a strong work force in North Dakota and Minnesota with helping to build Glenmac into a strong company. That work ethic is what made Glenmac an industry leader, making it attractive to Paladin, he said.

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