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One of the classic examples in data science called data mining at the time is the beer and diapers example when a big supermarket chain started analyzing their sales data they encountered not only trivial patterns like toothbrushes and toothpaste being bought together but also quite strange combinations like beer and diapers.

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The history of string theory spans several decades of intense research including two superstring revolutions through the combined efforts of many researchers string theory has developed into a broad and varied subject with connections to quantum gravity particle and condensed matter physics cosmology and pure mathematics.

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I think of pytest as the runanything no boilerplate no required api usethisunlessyouhaveareasonnotto test framework this is really where testing gets fun.

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strings are immutable that means once youve created the string if another process can dump memory theres no way aside from reflection you can get rid.

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2 cochon ville by s233bastien tellier s233bastien tellier is known to be an eclectic and weird pop singer while not a big fan of his work i quite love the videos that usually accompany his music.

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string theory superstrings mtheory the current epistemological status of string theory is probably best grasped by comparing it with another theory devised in simpler times the dirac equation was a clever example of a theory consistent with the axioms of both quantum mechanics and special relativity.

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great playing good taste and a deep faith stacked high in the blues spills out generously on ronnie earl and the broadcasters intimate new album the luckiest man.

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Description in this course i want to show you exactly how to overcome these obstacles that stand in your way of playing great slide guitar in the style of duane allman and derek trucks.

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I just uploaded a little coding project i was working on at gistgithub because it seemed like a nice fast way of uploading a couple of classes at once.

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