The first novel in Mickey Spillane’s classic detective series starring hard-boiled private eye Mike Hammer. I, the Jury is a double-strength shot. I, The Jury by Mickey Spillane – Here’s Mickey Spillane and Mike Hammer in their roughest and readiest—a double-strength shot of sex, violence, and action that. It is no small surprise then that I, the Jury, the first of Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer novels, falls a bit short when viewed alongside Chandler’s.

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Mickey Spillane was indeed a master of his craft. This book is a classic in every sense of the word. Spillane introduced us to the gritty world of Mike Hammer and his sassy assistant Velda in this debut novel and the result is one that will definitely strike a spillwne.

It feels like these characters are still alive today as you read this book. Both the prose and the dialogue are so top rate throughout. When describing Charolette, a psychiatrist who had attended the party Jack gave before his demise, Hammer says:.

Her legs were encased in sheer nylons and set in high heels, making her almost as tall jurh I was. They were strong looking, shapely….

Do I affect you like that? Torture you, I mean? To some readers what comes across may be nothing more than a macho fantasy, but for someone who enjoys the genre and all its elements its like reading poetry. The book trascends the revenge angle that remains at the forefront of the plot and becomes a poignant character study of a flawed man, his desires, and the way he mickeh the world around him and the people occupying that world.


The world Hammer occupies is a cold and vicious one. Mike Hammer sees himself as the ultimate purveyor of miciey.

I, the Jury

It never occurs to him that he may indeed be making himself into the very kind of killer he wants to hunt down.

There are friendships such as the one he has with Pat Chambers, the lead police detective who uncharacteristically decides to share information with Mike Hammer despite Mike being a Private Detective. He also has his loyal assistant Velda who not only works for im and has a crush on him, she also understands him and accepts him for who he is probably more than anyone else Mike Hammer knows. There are desirable women who he must either submit to or resist depending on the circumstances, and there are victims who he may or may not be in a position to protect from a vicious killer.

Today, we impart our heroes with tortured souls. In each film, the character feels a progressing burden of having to carry out the very justice that initially inspired him. Our heroes today like to dwell in the existential consequences of their very existence as heroes and purveyors of justice. Mike Hammer remains secure in who he is and never questions the nature of how he doles out his brand of justice. He just does it and he does it stubbornly and unapologetically.

The ending will hit you like a ton a bricks not because of who turns out to be the killer but because of the way Hammer tells it. I highly recommend getting to know Mike Hammer, a shamus for the ages. Spillane is underestimated by the literati.

I, The Jury: Mickey Spillane: : Books

He was one of a kind and created atmosphere like no other. When you opened those pages, you walked those mean streets with him. That said, if you like Spillane, the best noir writer of the last century was actually an Englishman.


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Rich in love, rich in health, rich in laughter, rich in adventure and rich in knowledge. When describing Charolette, a psychiatrist who had attended the party Jack gave before his demise, Hammer says: I grinned at her. One Comment Well put. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

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I, The Jury

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