Samba server does not show up in Windows Network Places, admin_xor, Emergency UNIX and Linux Support, 3, PM. on October 11, book. tweet · share · share · share · share · mail. Well here we are again, at part two of the ‘Getting Help from Linux’ series. In this blog post. DESCRIPTION. This module is a driver to determine platform metadata regarding the Linux operating system. It should be called indirectly via it’s parent.

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Linux kernel 2.6.38 and 2.6.39 power regression workaround

We finished CentOS installation on first part. After installation reboot server and using keyboard, stay at GRUB menu.

Login with root username and password. Thank you for your tutorial.

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Before installing Centos you set a Legacy network adapter, and at the end you set a normal one. So what the heck?!


Well how about a write up on that something else? I must be missing the point of this how to….

Mouse driver is already in the Linus Tree and should be in latest kernel. Also you may find mouse driver in the package above. It means, you need Linux kernel package for CentOS 6. Are you really sure you did same steps as my installation guide? You can download rpm package for CentOS 6 kernel from here: Is mouse support ready yet?

Linux etc. » Blog Archive » ggplot2 error “invalid argument to unary operator”

Building the Citrix Project Satori drivers http: The inputvsc drivers do not work under CentOS 6 kernal though. Infolibux news would be appreciated SOON! Changes have been checked into the Linux kernel that will enable mouse support — check the driver-devel mailing list for posts from KY Srinivasan. Hi, the tutorial is great, but i need some help, i have done all of this and when i restart my eth0 is missing and eth1 is shown, i want to rename them, do you know how i can do?


You can check this post: Microsoft has just released Linux Integration Services v3.

Integrated mouse support is now included with new LIS. You can download from here: After install that rpm my cdrom and network is not founded and mouse is infolnux here… how to install Linux Integration Services v3.

Mail will not be published required. Try to ping an ip address to check your network connection.

Type the commands below to download integration components. You can use CentOS 6 Desktop with mouse support. Hello Josh, Mouse driver is already in the Linus Tree and should be in latest kernel.

Thanks for your understanding. Engineer Bill October 5th, Mike Sterling October 6th, Hello Abizmo, You can check this post: