Colors displayed on this color card are a guide only and have been matched as close as possible to Interpon production standards under daylight condi- tions. Interpon powder coatings. EVERY COLOR IS GREEN. COLOR FOR INDUSTRIAL . Color for Industrial Design, featuring the most comprehensive range. Showcasing the capability of Interpon Powder Coatings, the three custom made color ranges of Raw Harmony,. Natural Luminance and Color Vitality are.

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Our aim is to make your choice of product and color as easy as possible. My shortlist 0 item.

Home Suppliers Interpon Powder Coatings. Project Type Commercial Residential. Please correct the errors and try again. Contact Interpon Powder Coatings. Architectural Powder Coatings from Interpon. Gold Coast sports and leisure centre goes gold.

Collection Futura 2018-21

AkzoNobel coatings technology to help turn the tide on marine pollution. Denim Drift is Colour of the Year. AkzoNobel is official coatings supplier for Volvo Ocean Race. New design app cooour assist with powder coatings specification. Interpon updates ‘Colors of New Zealand’ chart. Colour coatings are key for award winning Monash University student accommodation. Interpon Powder Coatings introduces 8 new colours to stock range. Seen in these projects View All. Demystifying powdercoating specifications, products and warranties.

Interpon has been supplying the Australian architectural industry for 30 years and during that time we have built up an enviable track record of projects. For an overview of just some of the projects we have been a part of visit our track record library to search by location, project type or product.

Please contact us for copies of material safety data sheets MSDS. Cchart entire Interpon D range of architectural coatings contributes toward several green credit points within the IEQ category. For detailed information on each applicable rating tool visit our Green Star credit page. How long does it take to manufacture custom made colours?


Custom made colours are manufactured within a 4 week lead time. If time is of the essence for your project and the quantity does not exceed kg coats m2 this can be reduced to a work day turnaround with our unique small batch manufacture MiniB service.

I only need to coat a small area, what are your minimum order sizes? All stock colours can be ordered in quantities as small as 20kg. I need a specific colour for a project, can Interpon manufacture it? Interpon offers an industry leading custom colour match service.

We can match nearly every conceivable colour from virtually any source. Where can I find pricing information? Our pricing structure is dependant on volume, technology and color choice and as such can vary. Please contact us for specific product pricing. What other powder coating products does Interpon offer? We offer a complete range of products for a number of markets to complement our Architectural products including products suited to the furniture, automotive, appliance, general industrial and the general trade markets.

What is the Interpon D range? Interpon D is the Interpon powder coating product range for application to architectural aluminium. The range includes a number of coating technologies designed to meet the requirements of the AAMA standards.

To find out more about the Interpon D range of architectural powder coating products, view our Product page. What warranties are offered by Interpon? Interpon has a choice of warranty systems depending on your project requirements.

Our global Interpon D Warranty program has a reputation spanning almost 30 years and has a proven track record providing warranties for many local and global iconic landmark buildings.

Updated Living Colors Color Chart now available – Interpon Powder Coatings

Visit the Interpon projects page to find out more about our impressive global track record. Backed by exhaustive testing in Europe and a proven track record in anti-corrosion warranties, Interpon Powder Coatings has recently launched the first concise anti-corrosion warranty systems for steel substrates cllour the Australasian market.


Why do I need a Warranty for my project? Quality controlled to best in class standards to ensure their pre treatment and application procedures meet these strict guidelines. These standards are designed to ensure the application process is adhered to in accordance with the requirements of both AkzoNobel, and global industry standards, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

How does powder coating compare to alternative products? Environment — Unlike powder coatings, liquid coatings contain VOC emitting solvents that are harmful to both human health and the environment. Is powder coating environmentally friendly?

Powder coating exhibits many environmental advantages.

We are also developing new technologies to replicate the appearance of popular but environmentally harmful processes such as chrome.

What can I apply powder coatings to? Powder coatings are usually applied to metal substrates such inferpon aluminium or steel but Interpon have also developed technologies for powder coating application to other materials such interpom MDF.

What is powder coating? Powder coating is a type of protective and decorative coating that is applied electrostatically as a dry powder and then cured in an oven. Is this a standard interpon powdercoat colour?

This colour would be a Made to Order. Interpon Chrome Silver. Interpon Powder Coatings Brands. Interpon AB Anti Bacterial. Interpon Steelplex Diamond Interpon Steelplex Diamond 5. You May Also Like: