ARGENTINA IRAM IRSM10 AMPERE VOLT DETACHABLE POWER CORD SET, PLUG (ARP), LEFT ANGLE IEC C CONNECTOR. IRAM 2. Foreword. This standard has been reviewed by the conforming entities, made up in the following way: Outlet and Plug Subcommittee . 2) IRAM ). 3)

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European “Schuko” 16 Ampere Volt. France 16 Ampere Volt.

United Kingdom 13 Ampere Volt. Denmark 13 Ampere Volt.

IRAM 2073 Power Cords

Israel 16 Ampere Volt. Japan 15 Ampere Volt. Thailand 16 Ampere Volt. Universal 20 Ampere Volt.

International Wiring Accessories and Cord Sets. Scroll down to view. Mounts on American 2×4 wall boxes. Accepts 20 Ampere plugs only. Accepts Nema p 2P non-polarized plugs and European 2P plugs with kram. Frame mounts on American 2×4 wall boxes. Frame accepts one 75mmx50mm, two 37mmx50mm, four Black Color, Chrome wall plates available. Wall plate mounts on American 2×4 wall boxes.


Wall plate mounts on American 4×4 wall boxes. For ” Duplex Outlet” installations use one 75mmx50mm or two 37mmX50mm size outlets. Surface mount wall box also accepts standard Australia outlets, wall platesAmerican NEMA type outlets, wall plates. Accepts one 37mmx50mm device or two Accepts one 75mmx50mm, two 37mmx50mm, four Accepts two 75mmx50mm, four 37mmx50mm, eight 8.

For surface mount weatherproof applications use boxweatherproof cover requires extra long stainless steel mounting screws. Extra long screws not included. Not for use with wall box. Mates with 45mmX45mm size wall plates, mounting frames xN, xN and 45mmx45mm wall boxes.

For panel mount applications use frame x For use on volt Line to Neutral Single Phase circuits only. Not for use on volt circuits. Weatherproof horizontal mount cover MCS. Flush Mount on American 2×4 Wall boxes. Surface mount onAR Wall boxes or Panel mount. Mates Swiss 10 Amp. SWPSwiss 16 Amp. SWPBrazil 10 Amp. Outlet accepts Brazil irma Amp. Mounts on American 2×4 wall boxes or Panel mount.


Argentina power cords – IRAM

Weatherproof IP55 rated version available. Panel mount frame X45 available, accepts one Frame can be “Ganged” for multiple outlet, circuit breaker, switch panel mount installations.

See installation guide below for details.

Panel mount frame X45 available, accepts two Not for use with outlets, sockets X45, X Not for use with X45 Circuit breaker.

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