Iridology claims that it can diagnose diseases through a careful examination of the iris. Unsurprisingly, there is no proof for this, and when. Iridology is an alternative medicine practice that used to diagnose illness Then, use iris charts that allow them to compare the eyes with Iridology is an alternative medicine technique whose proponents claim that patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris can be examined to determine information about a patient’s systemic health. Practitioners match their observations to iris charts, which divide the iris into . For example, one of the iridologists diagnosed 49% of the patients with gall.

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Everything You Need to Know About Iridology

The common saying is that the eyes are the window iridologh the soul. However, they may also be the window to your health, wellness and more. We invite our readers to draw their conclusions about iridology, whether scheduling and iridology session may be helpful for them. Iridology is a diagnostic health practice that looks at the color of the eye, shapes, evenness and other features.

Iridologists look for changes that have occurred time, irregularities, inflammation or other characteristics like nerve and cholesterol rings. Practitioners take HD photograph of the eyes.

Then, use iris charts that iridolpgy them to compare the eyes with different reference points. Most practitioners will give the patient a copy of this photograph while also keeping one for their records. That changes in health throughout the body can often manifest themselves in the appearance of the eye.


Iridologists called reflex physiology, changes in tissues, nutritional deficiencies, iiridology and allergic reaction. All have direct effects that correlate with the appearance of the eye. Iridology can be a useful tool for helping people to live their best life, allowing them to make proactive dietary, exercise and treatment.

This medical text was mentions of core iridology principles though Meyeus did not yet have a name for this branch of medicine. InLiljenquist published his version of Iris Chart.

In many other facets, they striking similar. Liljenquist became fascinated after he practices his eye iridolgoy changed.

As the results of a specific form of iodine and quinine irdology. Ina German scientist named Lang performed a study and examined the nerve fibers that connect the eyes to the rest of central nervous systems.

He established that issues on the right or left side of the body could manifest themselves in the eyes on that same side. Thus, if users were experiencing iridollogy trouble in their right kidney, then this would be visible in their right eye. Other significant contributors to the field include Dr.

Eye Diagnosis Iridology chart 8.5 x 11

However, it is a thriving practice in many homeopathic, naturopathic and alternative medicinal methods. The common diahnosis of allergic reaction is irritation of the blood vessels in the eyes which may only be detectable by a trained iridologist. Iridology cannot always diagnose the exact source of the reaction.

The more stressed a person becomes, the more plentiful and visible these rings can become. Most often compared to a rosary or pearl necklace. This may be an indicator that someone had lymphatic system may not be functioning well. Adrenal issues can often be the product of stress as can a wide variety of other health issues. This can lead to decreased energy and endurance levels and potentially compromised immune function.


Calcium deficiencies can lead to bone density loss, an increased likelihood of bone breakage and other potentially skeletal severe conditions.

If patients know they have low calcium, it is easy enough to take nutritional supplements that resolve the problem. However, Iridologists can often recommend supplements and vitamins. To improve eating habits that could enjoy the diaghosis they observe.

And, that is far less invasive than surgery, prescription medication or other invasive medical practices. Iridology is not a new practice, however, like all scientific fields, it is one that is still growing and changing. Staying healthy is not all about fixing things that go wrong. It may also allow for early diagnosis of more issues and can help people making better choices for both short and long-term health.

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