Example that explains how to rename a field. Files: When renaming a field, you need to respect the existing hierarchy. */ package. iText PDF, learn how to make a fillable PDF, create a form, fill out and flatten a form. They are usually added on top of the existing content. . box or list field), buttons (push buttons, check boxes and radio buttons), and signature fields. Gets a template layer to create a signature appearance. Gets a new signature field name that doesn’t clash with any existing name.

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It’s also possible to have people select one or more option from a list or a combo box. This method is only used for Certifying signatures. This is the first method to be called when using external signatures. There are many different types of annotations, many of which allow user interaction.

Renaming a field

In many cases, it’s a much better dield to create a form manually, using a tool with a graphical user interface. MakeSignature ; import com.

TextField ; import com. We create a radio field for choosing a language. If it’s less than zero the image will fill the rectangle but will keep the proportions. It creates a new visible signature field. It didn’t matter if we were adding high-level objects e.


We then create a Link object. The only difference is that we create and add an annotation: In short, an HTML form can be very dynamic. PdfStamper ; import com.

This method is only used for signatures that lock fields. In the fill and flatten examples, we encountered a new class, PdfReader.

This method closes the underlying pdf document. We’ve added “Full name: It’s represented using a widget annotation.

Fillable PDF, making a PDF interactive iText Developers

FileOutputStream ; import java. That Paragraph is part of the content stream. In both use cases, the form will be created manually, for instance using Adobe software, LibreOffice, or any other tool with a graphical user interface. KeyStore ; import java.

Use this method with value false if you want to ignore this recommendation. This is the last method to be called when using external signatures. Jump-Start Tutorial Chapter 4: You could also create such a form programmatically, but signwture are very few use cases that would justify using a software library to create a form or a template, instead of using a tool with a GUI.

Digital signatures – chapter 2

We conclude the example by adding a reset button that will reset a selection of fields to their initial value when the button is clicked. Making a PDF interactive Tags: It may be null or have zero width or height for invisible signatures getPageRect public Rectangle getPageRect Gets the rectangle that represent the position and dimension of the signature in the page. If null or not avd a standard description will be used getLayer2Text public String getLayer2Text Gets the signature text identifying the signer if set by setLayer2Text.


String with the name that doesn’t exist in the document or don’t specify it at all then the signature is invisible by default.

IOException ; import java. See the FillForm example. Our choice field is named “shift” and it offers three options of which “Any” is selected by default.

PdfTemplate ; import com. You can open that URL by clicking the annotation. It would probably have been smarter to set the correct value right away the moment you create each field.