年3月1日 Find the most up-to-date version of JIS H at Engineering JIS H Graphical symbol for electroplated coating (FOREIGN STANDARD). Available for Subscriptions. Content Provider Japanese Industrial. JIS H Graphical symbol for electroplated coating (FOREIGN STANDARD.

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A JIS Mark of electro galvanized plating.

Jis h 0404

Chromate treatment indicated creating the corrosion-proof film against zinc and chemical polishing action. Sheen chromate means giving sheen to the plating by chromate treatment.

The film of chromate for corrosion-proof is thick and coloured. For that reason corrosion-proof chromate film is called coloured chromate. The tone of colour changes. The external appearance of plating -To test the external appearance of plating we have to examine the degree of sheen, unevenness of sheen, unevenness of clour, dimness, stains, bulges, scratches, pits, exfoliation, cracks, exposure of base metal and defects caused by usage.

These defects must be eliminated. The minimum thickness of plating – The minimum thickness of plating can h4004 checked in the previous list.


After various tests the results are printed in the list. Corrosion resistance of chromate film – When doing tests on the corrosion resistance of chromate film Type 2 Grade it is possible to get results within 48 hours. If the chromate starts to turn white it means that corrosion has set in and is quickly identified.

Plating adherence – When doing test on adherence capabilities we are jiss for exfoliation and bulges on the surface.

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Base metal stress removal- Before plating the base metal is subjected to heat treatment according to an agreement between Micro-Ace and the customer. Removal of hydrogen embrittlement -When removing hydrogen embrittlement the heat treatment process must take place within 4 hours after plating.

The suitable temperature and the length of time are set according to an agreement with Micro-Ace and the customer. External appearance test – External appearance test results are on another list so we have omitted it here. Thickness test – Micro-Ace uses one of the following methods to check the various thickness using sections checked by microscope, magnetism electrolysis, and X-rays.


Surface Finishing Tutorial | Technical Tutorial – MISUMI

These tests are according to JISH regulations. Chromate film corrosion resistance test – These tests are according to JISH regulations using saltwater spray continuously for 48 hours on the chromate film. The sample used for testing must be left standing for at least 24 hours before the tests commerce.

Adherence test – Adherence tests are according to JlSH regulations. The following are a list of tests. Plating terminology is listed in the following order: Plating types, base metal, minimum thickness of plating. Sheen chromate is used as an after treatment. Coloured chromate is used as an after treatment. Indication of the following items on the invoice.