Death at the Well is a translation of the well-known Kiswahili play Kifo Kisimani. The play is set in Butangi, an imaginary African society led by Bokono and. Kifo Kisimani. Books, Stationery, Computers, Laptops and more. Buy online and get free delivery on orders above Ksh. Much more than a bookshop. Get this from a library! Kifo kisimani. [Kithaka wa Mberia] — Play.

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October 29, By Siro Jack. Batu, kwa nini watu hawajafika kwa kiwanja? Mtemi Bokono, kiongozi mwenye busara.

Wana Butangi waliambiwa wasubiri mingamiwili. Akiingiwa na wasiwasi Mingamiwili?!!! Zigu anaondoka kuenda kuangalia watu wakiwa mingamiwili. Mtemi Bokono, watu hawako mingamiwili. Akinyosha bakora kwa Batu. Just remembering my old days in high school KifoKisimani.

Kuna Mwiba, Tafuta Mwiba – Kifo Kisimani

So what is the meaning of Tibim and Tialala slogan used by the Kenyan Opposition? He appers in art as a giant serpent. Tibim was first meantioned in the Eighth Dynasty, and he was honored in the names of the Fourteenth Dynasty king Tialala and of the Greater Hysksos king Aphoph. Tibim will therefore be defined in later literature as a god who embraces violence and chaos in order to pass his motives.

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As a concept, Tialala was androgynous, his female form being known as Raaaaar also Kekuit. June 13, By Jackson Siro.

We are sitting on a time bomb that few are paying attention to. It is about an obsession that may sooner or later get out of hand. Several Kenyans are giving reverence and utter worship to a man called Dr.

David Owuor, founder and prophet of the Repentance and Holiness Ministry. It is what I heard that made me say we are sitting on a time bomb.

A presenter was picking call after call from leading bishops of the Repentance and Holiness Church as they explained the reaction ….