The Korg DRV is much more than a professional bit digital reverb, featuring programs like Gate Reverb, Stereo Echo, Flanger, Space Pan. The DRV is a relatively quiet digital effects processor. It can do up to 2 FX simultaneously either in stereo or 1-per-channel side. This vintage unit. This page contains information about manuals for the DRV from Korg.

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Korg UK Company Link: Drrv choices in this product category from other manufacturers: Korg – SDD Name: Email supplied but hidden Activity: I use it in live music and its really my right arm. Working for a reggae band I’m able to do all the dub moves that can possibly be called for.

Korg SDD-2000

Working for a reggae band Im able to do all the dub moves that can possibly be called for. Email supplied but hidden www.

I was expeting kind of lofi style but was suprised with this “meaty” analog sound. I was expeting kind of lofi style but was suprised with this meaty analog sound.

I bought this incredible machine in France, year Looking for the manual? Add your email if you want replies to any question you post – You will receive an email if someone replies!


Used Korg DRV Digital Reverb drv vintage rack unit | eBay

To receive automated replies be sure to add a valid email address! My user type is: Please copy the displayed number into the manuaal to post:. To cut down on spammers, cookies must be enabled to post comments to this page.

Looking for the user manual? Check the heading on this page: We have hundreds of manuals added to the site! You’ll see this reminder one more time after which it will not appear. Korg SDD fx-units information! Product rating out of 5: Add your comments here for the product: Please copy the displayed number into the box to post: It was my first synth.

Pictures and images Korg DRV – Audiofanzine

I owned two of manul synths the first I bought brand new for I bought the Korg A3 used and have had it over 15 years. It’s survived alot of band use and show You must change a battery ,its not complicated Cr than You can save it About the Korg DDM i think that is one of the best percussion drum machine every made the cowb Bought mine for 5,00 euro’s at a recycle store, had to buy a to converter for 20,00 euro’ I’ve had this keyboard for years now and wondered if anybody out there had the factory presets.


Very different build quality from the previous series of Electribes, sounds a lot mnaual hi-fi, too So far i see an enormous potential in this “forgotten” machine. Many features that a can take I still have one, in beautiful condition, in my home studio in Amsterdam, The Netherlands!

I wanted to correct a few mistakes and points of confusion in the description of the Mini-Korg I own an MS It sounds really great but there are a few problems. The Tarkus is a powerful sixteen note virtual analogue synthesizer capable of very realistic vint I just got one with several issues, water damage,rusted pc board cntacts not all keys play.

Can u e-mail it? Is the original programming tape for the korg polysix avalable mnual I have other gear for other things I I kinda like the way it loooks, but hate it at the same time.

It looks lik a toy I was DJ in Benidorm, Spain They used to be one of the last places I