E L E C T R I B E ANALOG M D E L I N G S Y N T H E S I Z E R EA-1 Owner’s Manual Thank you purchasing the Korg ELECTRIBE-A EA In order to enjoy. This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the EA-1 from Korg. ushered in a new era for Korg with the Electribe series beginning with the EA-1 Analog Modelling Synthesizer. A duophonic virtual analog synthesizer that .

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Log in Become a member. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Write a user review Ask for a user review. Not satisfied with those reviews? Request a new review. Our members also liked: Sort by most recent most useful. This little unit is quite feature less. Although you get some very basic analog synthesis abilities,the little unit lacks heavily on effects. It truly doesn’t get any easier than this.

User reviews: Korg ElecTribe EA-1 – Audiofanzine

A very hands on approach to analog sounds of your own creation quickly and easily. It’s sound quality is pretty superb even to me today,I often find myself playing on this rather than my microKorg and tweaking the preset sounds to madness. I really love this synth. It’s almost a guilty pleasure to work on something so basic as this rather than a much more complex analog synth. Krg posted on FutureProducers.

Did you find this review helpful? IF I remember right there with 3 of 64 banks and there are two pattern by its pattern. They are edited and I think seeing a plug vst made by an amateur for editing sounds. Everything is easily accessible. Perfect for electronic music in general, but do not expect to make a composition with only the sound of EA1she serves more to complete my set.

No and this is not the purpose of this machine. Response to velocity, aftertouch? Theres nothing like that. It is really cool for the sequence and defended well for bass but it remains far from the analog there for decades.

There are interesting things like being able to summon both sides to a single MIDI channel allowing when the control with anything but the internal keyboard to have a synth with 4 osc, 2 filters, 2 effects and two “envelopes” that control the opening of the filter appears.

Despite its minimalist specifications this little box can do a lot of his interest, even if the potential remains limited, adding an external effect and modulating synth via the audio input on there way to have fun.

As I said I doubt that we can make cuts interest exclusively with this machine but it goes well with my instruments and find a place in my compositions.

Among other things I think it would be perfect for someone wanting to make the synthesis modeling sense breaking the bank. The finale is a good machine for the price, but that is far more interesting when you already have some instruments. It’s so easy with modlisation analog effects and Intgr squenceur not. In short, we edit a sound trs soon as everything is faade, we apply the effects and then raises the squence.


Of course its a squence, 2 total This is not a home studio all by itself is an instrument by Entire its limitations. Of course all this dtriment to the richness of sound.

The squenceur also trs simple reminder the first squenceurs noon as my MC even really dating him alone and dj performance. As part of the sound, the goal is to move the bulk, ie make the zic!

All this makes it a complete music tool o one can express standards of thing. Not to mention the audio in between, then the we can start making the sound as you synthse him from a good old synth numrique TX81Z type Fm synthse worth only 50 today or a roland juno home now and your old synth and make rsons squence is excellent.

SOUNDS It’s mono output, we must treat the audio as such apply it to other effects it sounds better as the EQ or compressors, effects guaranteed Even in him, it sounds good vraimment trs trs not breath and usable in a mixthose who say that it is not pro, not the trivia that makes its the hardware is pro.

Korg Elec Tribe EA-1 Owner’s Manual

Sorter an old moog, if you do not treat the audio of this one you will never sound workable. This is the process which is pro audio EQ, limiter, compressor, balance, etc. Sr Although there are notable exception, the breath too much, too much of EQ applied internally, saving too little, etc. For its part the sound plutt EA1 out clean. The audio in between, excellent for the addition of waves from other synth. At this price, it’s really good stuff for complter kkorg set! NBCergotamine despite what the squenceur possde indeed the Pattern Set function that allows you to assign any reasons, which each of the 16 buttons squenceur elecribe four banks for a total of 64 patterns available soon.

We must put this unit in context: Its design accommodates groovebox trs well wa-1 the limit. I would not use squenceur certainly not a main frame of film. Motion Seq function, which records the movement of button per game, definitely adds a nice depth to the possibilities of this little bote.

The possibility of shipping are correct and promote a quick job. Make use of these opportunities further pushes the limits. You will never have the grand piano in it, although you can treat with the internal filter and effects thanks from the line. A good programmer can learn a few chords. The filter envelope is too basic but it is understandable that rduire to this point in Korg, they have to make concessions. Like most instruments Korg analog formulation of the late beginners, the sound is trs midoyant, not really fat, not always clear.


It is the instrument that has the most. These are, after all, good tools, but nothing professional. The instrument is oriented live at the expense of his weakness for use in the studio.

Yes, the distortion is frighteningly dgueulasse. The ratio quality-price is right.

I’m glad to have known that instrument, but would do probably do not have a choice. Talking right now about what fache the sequencer is only four steps ok ok the classic series of electribe but unlike al ‘ er1 no set pattern.

These machines are designed eelctribe introduce summers little kids age 4 and older children rather than a quarter of a century. The user manual that you will find in the paper is as pure formality. There is only one filter with envelloppe Amount of decay and adjustable, a single filter: This little two hand korg possde synthtiseur.

I have the red korg er-1 is still eplus easy to use. Quick and easy instalation trs. The manual is not a pb, besides it only serves trs little or not at all so the machine is easy to use. I find the sound too electronic synth too, a little cold sometimes. But worked well with other instruments and I’m doing well and I get out a sound I want. It’s a really handy machine live in, I am too happy with.

For now and it’s not arriving prs I think, I do not want elecfribe sell it in any way.

This kind of korg are gnial at modif in real time, hence the interest to use it live, you can do what you want during your set. I do not regret my purchase, and if it again I would not hesitate to buy. A phaser, delay, flanger effect by adjustment of 2 pot. Can not make agreements. Some effects are applied on a sound source kodg moving the external sound jack 6. Attention in this case it monopolizes the outputs of generators Powered by 9v transformer supplied mwnual.

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