icon, Radha-Saptami. icon, Aditya Hrudaya Stotram. icon, Aditya Hrudaya Stotram. icon, Aditya Hrudaya Stotram. icon, Asthottara Sata Namavali. icon, Aaditya. Title: Kuja Ashtottaram telugu pdf; Posted by: Venu Singam; Date: PM; Labels: Laxmi Narayana Hrudaya Stotram in Telugu ยท Shri Vishnu. Kuja Stotram in Telugu which is to be recited as astrology remedy to nullify malefic effects of Kuja in horoscope according to Indian Astrology.

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During Marchthere was an argument between the couple over some trivial thing and his wife left the house without informing him.

Please steal away all my troubles, Oh Jupiter Who has broad eyes and a minister of devas, Who is always interested in welfare of the world, And who has several disciples with him [5].

Please steal away my troubles, Oh Moon, Who is the lord of the star Rohini, Who is made of nectar, Who sheds nectar, who sits on nectar And who causes troubles by his position [2].

Generally, kuja dosha spoils the married life due to aggressive and irritable nature of the native. Indian and western astrology – the differences.

Hence the decisions and actions taken will be generally wrong when Mars is active. Rahu and Saturn are separative planets which if aspect the 7th house or 7th lord will bring separation definitely. Worshipping the Gods Bhairava or Narasimha is the best remedy for Mars. Now she is in love with an teluu person of around 55 years of age, whom she is going to marry.


Kuja Graha Dosha Nivarana Mantram

Saturn being a separative planet is also in the 7th house confirming the separation. Log in Request account. The face of Mahatma The seven types of faces Forehead reading. Please steal away all my troubles, Oh Mars, Who creates always fear in this world, Who is the son of earth and greatly shining, Who causes rain and who stops rain [3]. Namaskara, peedahara, gayatri, beeja mantra. If Mangal Dosha is present then all combinations which nullify it should be looked into.

Pralaya – Dooms day predictions.

When one person is Manglik in a marriage, the negative effects of Mangal dosha can be cancelled by performing this ritual called Kumbh Vivah. Please note that Saturn represents aged people.

Mars is the cruelest planet stotramm the birth horoscope of a person. Then the bad effect of Mars will be neutralized. All its ill- effects are cancelled and the two can have a blessed and happy married life. Mars represents irritation, anger and impulsive nature. Performing these pujas on Tuesdays is very effective to reduce the ill effects of Mangal dosha. Visiting Navgraha temples reduce the ill-effects caused by Mangal Dosha.

Kuja Runa Vimochana Stotram Lyrics in English,Telugu

I know what is in your mind! However, there are only a few temples in the whole of India that are dedicated to Lord Mangal. Please steal away all my troubles, Oh Saturn, Who has a long body and is the son of Sun, Who has broad eyes and likes ShivaWho moves slowly and is always cheerful [7].


This prayer gives the prayer to be chanted to get rid of troubles caused by each planet. Please steal away all my troubles, oh Venus, Who is the minister and teacher of Rakshasas, Who is extremely intelligent among the living, Kujq who is the lord among stars and planets [6]. There is exchange of houses between 7th lord Mars and 8th lord Venus which represent second marriage.

A person is Non-Manglik only if none of the three charts is afflicted by Mars.

Mangal dosha Remedies | How to reduce ill effects of Mangal dosha

Out of all the remedies fasting on Tuesdays is also considered an effective remedy. Since 7th lord Mars husband is in 8th house representing enemy place, her husband gave her very bad treatment.

A male born on April 3rd, at 8. Here is a list of them.

Lord Subrahmanya is also called Skandha, Karitkeya or Kumaraswamy. However, there is consensus that both houses should be considered while evaluating Mangal Dosha and Drik Panchang considers first as well as second house while evaluating Mangal Dosha.