Radiodifusión en Argentina Década de 27 de agosto: primera emisión radiofónica, continua y “masiva”. , Spanish, Book edition: Radiodifusión: marco regulatorio: Ley nacional de radiodifusión 22,, Decreto reglamentario /81 / [Claudio] Schifer. In several Latin American countries, a cadena nacional is a joint broadcast, over various media Article 75 of Law 26, superseded the Decree-Law 22, of , the National . The Law on Social Responsibility on Radio and Television (Ley RESORTE) requires broadcasters to transmit cadenas nacionales.

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This poster reports the preliminary results of a user study uncovering the information seeking behaviour of humanities scholars dedicated to radio research. The study is part of an interdisciplinary research project on radio culture and auditory resources. The purpose of the study radiodufusion to inform Finally, a flexible metadata schema is suggested, that includes both general metadata and highly media and research project specific metadata Radio broadcasting for sustainable development in southern The Millennium Development Goals have been written into the Madagascar Road Map – in order to improve the Malagasy social, economic and environmental situation.

Madagascar has been set up to alleviate Retrieving Radio News Broadcasts in Danish: Accuracy and Categorization of Unrecognized Words. Digital archives of radio news broadcasts radiodirusion possibly be made searchable by combining speech recognition with information retrieval.

We explore this possibility for the retrieval of news broadcasts in Danish. Most of the unrecogniz Broadcast design in cognitive radio ad hoc networks. This SpringerBrief investigates the special challenges of broadcast design in cognitive radio CR ad hoc networks.

It introduces two broadcast protocols in CR ad hoc networks: A novel unified analytical model is also presented to analyze the performance of the radiodufusion protocols. This is the first book dedicated to the unique broadcast design challenges in CR ad hoc networks. The authors also discuss the recent research on the performance analysis of broa. The proposal is part of a contingently A staff engineering analysis indicates that Channel A can be allotted to Pike Road consistent A staff engineering analysis indicates that Channel A radiidifusion be allotted to Pike Road Directory of Open 222885 Journals Sweden.

A hundred and forty broadcasting stations were analyzed from the perspective of being public based on two criteria: Full Text Available The current economic crisis has increased the financing needs in all areas.

The communication has fueled, among others, the conflict between traditional media companies and organizers of sporting events broadcast rights payments. Based on the legal conflict, political and even social that has lived in Spain for the years and between the Professional Football League, which seeks to impose a fee radios similar to the television for access to soccer fields and retransmit meetings, and radio stations, which are opposed to such payment and defend their constitutional right to report freely, this paper analyzes the limits between freedom of information and the right to audiovisual content marketing, law enforcement return that the European Union will recognize the organizers of sporting events and the ability to influence the major media on political power to bring legislation into its economic interests.

The outcomes of oceanic research are of critical importance to the general public. Communicating these results in a relatable and efficient manner however, is no simple task. The show, named “On the Ocean”, was created by the Department of Oceanography to inform and entertain listeners of the general public on marine issues affecting their lives. On the Ocean is an effort to present high-level research without sacrificing the complexity of the science conducted.

On the Ocean is a uniquely designed module with a systematic approach in teaching a new oceanographic concept each month. On the Ocean has a format of monthly topics with a two minute show each week. The first monthly installment is general, introducing the topic and its relevancy. The second and third shows are cause or effect, or possibly something very interesting the public would not already know.

The fourth installment highlights how researchers study the topic, with the contributing professor’s specific research methods emphasized. The website also allows these professors the opportunity to present their research visually and link to their current work. Overall, On the Ocean is a new tool to deliver applicable science. The scope of this paper was to evaluate advertising for medication broadcast on radio stations in Natal, State of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, from April to September and from April to September The advertising was recorded and transcribed in order to conduct legal analysis and content analysis based on the precepts of Laurence Bardin.


Despite the inclusion of more modern and restrictive legislation, radio advertising continues to violate the law blatantly, committing abuse and disrespecting the population’s entitlement to good health.

Cadena nacional

The 2285 reveals the need 2285 medication advertising to be dealt with in a broader context, in other words to be treated as a public health concern. It must take into consideration the socio-historical scenario in which it evolved, since the legislation alone is insufficient to combat abuse committed to the detriment of public health. Petitioner proposes to amend the Full Text Available Accelerated trends of digitalisation and media convergence contribute to an increasingly important role of radio in modern society.

In the last decade, we have seen in the field of radio broadcasting in the Republic of Slovenia an overwhelming expansion of radio broadcasters who acquired the radio broadcasting licences. The topic of this paper are issued radio broadcasting licences and granted statuses of station of special importance within radio broadcasting activity.

Based on our own research 222885 secondary data obtained from the documentation of co-regulators in the field of broadcasting for the period from towe attempted to identify the modus operandi of radio broadcasters in their everyday practice after acquiring the licences and statuses. Findings of our research indicate that the radio broadcasters over the period considered have often changed programme-related requirements and limitations resulting from their licences and the Mass Media Act, while broadcasting and distributing programming contents.

In comparison with the modification of raeiodifusion, they did not transfer the broadcasting right to another legal entity so rdaiodifusion.

Texto completo de la Ley Nº , de Radiodifusión | El Cronista

It has been also established that the regulator in ten cases temporarily had revoked the broadcasting licences or decided to withdraw the statuses, because the irregularities were detected during expert supervision.

The authors set out proposals for the improvement of the situation in the subject field, based on the obtained results. They consider that it could be a challenge for all broadcasting stakeholders, who however have to tackle the elimination of the multi-annual delay of the harmonisation of the broadcasting sector with the standards of European Union.

According to the results of the present study, the stakeholders cannot be satisfied with the situation in Slovenian media landscape and with its development nowadays. Channel A can be allotted at Moran, Texas, in compliance with the Commission’s Katherine Pyeatt, Cedar Springs Rd. This allotment change is part of a hybrid rule making and FM It is the Commission’s policy to refrain from making an allotment to a community This book contains twelve chapters, which deals with digitization of broadcast signal such as radiodivusion open, digitization of video signal and sound signal digitization of broadcasting equipment like DTPP radioddifusion digital VTR, digitization of equipment to transmit such as digital STL, digital FPU and digital SNG, digitization of transmit about digital TV transmit and radio transmit, digital broadcasting system on necessity and advantage, digital broadcasting system abroad and Korea, digital broadcasting of outline, advantage of digital TV, ripple effect of digital broadcasting and consideration of digital broadcastingground wave digital broadcasting of DVB-T in Europe DTV in U.

Commercial Radio Broadcasts of Propaganda: By using propaganda commercial radio broadcasts which occurred during the Second World War as the basis for classroom activities, teachers can help students capture the emotional drama of various topics of the war, as well as certain themes still applicable in contemporary radiodifhsion, and stimulate student curiosity about the past.

Improving the throughput of cognitive radio networks using the broadcast approach.


We study the impact of adopting a multi layer coding MLC strategy, i. First, we consider a scenario where. Effective August 1, radiodiifusion A collective case study multi-site design was used to probe educational programming practices used in community radio.

The paper explores how community radio station programming engages listeners in community generated education programmes that are produced through collaborative work with radio listener clubs.

Direct broadcast satellite- radio market, legal, regulatory, and business considerations. A Direct Broadcast Satellite- Radio DBS-R System offers the prospect of delivering high quality audio broadcasts to large audiences at costs lower than or comparable to those incurred using radiodifusiom current means of broadcasting.

The maturation of mobile communications technologies, and advances in microelectronics and digital signal processing now make it possible to bring this technology to the marketplace. Heightened consumer interest in improved audio quality coupled with the technological and economic feasibility of meeting this demand via DBS-R make it opportune to start planning for implementation of DBS-R Systems.


NASA-Lewis and the Voice of America as part of their on-going efforts to improve the quality of international audio broadcastshave undertaken a number of tasks to more clearly define the technical, marketing, organizational, legal, and regulatory issues underlying implementation of DBS-R Systems.

Comunicación by Ale Valverde on Prezi Next

The results and an assessment is presented of the business considerations underlying the construction, launch, and operation of DBS-R Systems. Theoretical and practical investigation of the electromagnetic radiation fields from the Sabborah radio broadcasting station. This work has special importance as it aims at the investigation of the electromagnetic radiation from the Sabborah radio broadcasting station.

The report includes general introduction to the physics of the electromagnetic fields and the biological effects of these fields and consequently its health effects. This report summarizes the results of this study and the final recommendations. I – Observations of terrestrial radio noise. Time and frequency variations in amplitude of the observed noise well above cosmic noise background are explained on the basis of temporal and spatial variations in ionospheric critical frequency coupled with those in noise source distributions.

It is shown that terrestrial radio noise regularly breaks through the ionosphere and reaches RAE with magnitudes 15 dB and more above cosmic noise background, on frequencies above the F-layer critical frequency.

Broadcasting in America; Second Edition. A Survey of Television and Radio.

The plan of this volume follows that of the first edition: Digital signal processing makes possible to construct an encoder with properties that are not attainable using conventional analog solutions. The article describes the mathematical model of the encoder, radiodifusiob the basis of which a specific program code for DSP was developed.

The article further deals with a new method of composite clipping which does not cause impurities in the output spectrum, and at the same time preserves high separation between the left and right audio channels.

The application of the new method is useful mainly where there are unwanted signal overshoots on the input of the stereo encoder, e. First, we consider a scenario where the secondary transmitter, a part from the statistics, has no channel state information CSI of the cross link and its own link.

We show that using BA improves the cognitive achievable rate compared to the outage rate provided by a single layer coding SLC. In addition, we, also, observe numerically that 2-Layer coding achieves most of the gain. Then, we consider a situation where the secondary transmitter has a partial CSI about its own link through quantized CSI.

Again, we compute the secondary achievable rate adopting the BA and highlight the improvement over SLC. Numerical results show that the advantage of MLC decreases as the rate of the feedback link increases.

Non-invasive sensing of the shallow subsurface is necessary for detection and delineation of buried hazardous wastes, monitoring of the condition of clay containment caps, and a variety of other purposes. Electromagnetic methods have proven to be effective in environmental site characterization where there is a need for increased resolution in subsurface characterization. Two considerations strongly suggest the use of frequencies between kHz and MHz for such applications: Modeling and physical parameter studies confirm that measurements at frequencies between 1 and MHz can resolve variations in subsurface conductivity and permittivity.

To provide the necessary technology for shallow subsurface investigations, we propose to exploit the concept of electromagnetic impedance, the ratio of orthogonal horizontal electric and magnetic fields. Prior to assembling the equipment for measuring surface impedance using controlled, local source it was felt prudent to measure the surface impedance of geological materials at the University of California at Berkeley’s Richmond Field RFS using ambient energy in the broadcast band.

As a first step toward this intermediate goal, we have examined and characterized local AM band radio signals in terms of both signal strength and polarization of the magnetic component as received at RFS.