ИН ГЛОБАЛИЗЕЈШН (odlomak) – Prof. dr Mihajlo L. Đorđević · DEMONI I LJUDI – Sergej Ivanov · HERMES TRISMEGISTUS U SVETLU ALEKSANDRIJSKOG. Stajao je prvi ispred cele vojske ljudi. Oko njega koplja sa belim vrhovima su se spustila da dočekaju neprijatelja. Demoni su napredovali u jurišu koji je. pretpostavlja da je, prema drevnom vjerovanju, bio zadužen za čuvanje Sedam vrata koja se nalaze između Zemlje i Pakla, kroz koja prolaze zli i grešni ljudi.

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To je bilo razdoblje prosperiteta, znanosti i razvoja. Tu demoni ubiju Rojerovog mentora i on otkriva svoj veliki talent. Leesha se boji intimnosti.

Rojer je nesiguran u sebe. Radnja je cijelo vrijeme napeta. Zbog napada demona nemamo ni trenutka predaha. What does Goodreads say? Brett has managed to create very interesting world and magic system and in one terrific way played with our fear of darkness. Every evening, after the sunset, from ljudl Earth core emerge demons called Corelings.

Belfegor – Wikipedija

They are smart, strong, cunning, unbelievably cruel and — they eat humans. There are demons of different types and sizes — from sand, wood, stone and water to fire demons. People live in constant fear and do not leave houses until morning. To defend themselves from Corelings they use Wards. They paint them, etch them or apply them in some other way on surface forming a protective circle around their houses, barns or carts.

Problem is that most of these methods are not permanent and if the ward circle brakes in any way get smudged, scratched or buried by the wind — Corelings invite themselves for dinner — where the humans are the main course. Messengers are the force that holds the world together. Every day they risk their lives traveling the roads at night carrying merchandise, tributes and letters between cities and villages. It was a period of prosperity, science and development. Humans have forgotten the existence of danger and many magical symbols were lost forever.


Humans would not be humans, and without a common enemy, they began fighting amongst themselves.

Slobodna Dalmacija

After centuries of dormancy, Corelings surface once again and they, to put it mildly, make a massacre. Most humans gave up the fight, because many defensive and offensive wards are lost, and only Krasians continue to fight but with the huge losses.

His childish illusions are shattered and after an argument with his father he flees into the night. After a few nights spent under Corelings attacks and after mistake that nearly cost him his life, he was found half dead by Messenger who was recently in his village and he takes him to the Free vemoni. Leesha is a girl who lives with her weak willed father and abusive mother. After her fiance expands gossip demon the village that she lost her virginity with him before marriage Leesha nearly loses everything.

Village Herb gatherer Bruna takes her into service. Old crone who looks like a witch and who outlived her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren demni most of the villagers whom she herself delivered, is one of my favorite characters.

I was dying of laughter when Bruna begun to use her walking stick and something similar to pepper spray to introduce the order into the village. Rojer is the youngest of the three. His mentor, who adopted him, experiences the moral and financial collapse, and their life is reduced to mere survival at the bottom of the food chain.

After a while their paths cross and Arlen, Rojer and Leesha began to travel together. I really like most of the characters.

Arlen, Leesha and Rojer have a traumatic childhood. As the plot develops we follow their lives and see how some old scars heal, and some new scars are opened.

Arlen is suffering because he believes that he has left everything he loves in his life and because he could not save his mother.


He suffers because he does not like society and the world in which he lives — which are reconciled to their fate and just waiting for the day when their Wards will break and their time would come to get cored. They behave like sheep before the slaughter — they stand in a line and bleat — and do nothing to save themselves or fight Corelings.

He feels like a social pariah and that he has no place in the world. Leesha is afraid of intimacy. She is under the pressure of society where women are just machines for delivering babies. She wants a family and career. Each of the three characters has some talent or ability that allows him to fight demons. Action is tense throughout the whole book. Author finds perfect tempo in which he unfolds the plot. Religious system also heavily relies on Christianity. To sum it up — I really liked the book and it deserves a place among the better fantasy novels I had a chance to read lately.

I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes the genre.

The book can be found here: Scroll down for English translation. The warded man Autor: The Painted Man Moja ocjena: The warded man Author: Peter V Brett First book of the Demon cycle series. The novel follows the lives of three main characters. The Painted Man My edmoni is definitely: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Demonj E-mail. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: