, English, Book edition: Lucien / James Moloney. Young Lucien, the little boy Silvermay has raised as her own, must be freed of his Wyrdborn magic, and. lucien-james-moloney-harpercollins/. Lucien (James Moloney, HarperCollins). This is the third and final book in James Maloney’s fantasy series, which began in with Silvermay.

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Molonney helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Lucien by James Moloney. Lucien Silvermay 3 by James Moloney.

Silvermay Hawker has crammed more adventure into her seventeenth year than others manage in a lifetime. She has also found Tamlyn, the man she wants to spend the rest of her lifetime with,but first the pair must ja,es the promise they made to a dear friend. Lucien might yet destroy whole kingdoms.

Lucien (James Moloney, HarperCollins) | Books+Publishing

And so the three travel to Erebis Felan where the terrible power in Lucien changes him in a way no one could possibly imagine. Paperbackpages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Lucienplease sign up. Moloneh with This Book. May 18, Eunice rated it lician liked it Shelves: Loved this – it had decent, eloquent writing, and felt like a solid, medieval fantasy YA novel.

Not super predictable; the molonfy character was believable without being optimistically-badass but not a damsel either. Just beautiful and as good a conclusion as I could’ve hoped for. Also Silvermay kept her surname and her husband took hers on, whaddup! D Also, how pretty are the covers? It is soooo under-rated. I mean, it has a hot guy, romance, medieval stuff, and really good conflicts to be resolved!

From this list of pros, it almost sounds like it was written by a female author, but surprise!! Like he’s not the creeper that wants to stalk her, be over-protective and jealous unlike certain other archetypes. Lucuan SUCH a refreshing change! I can’t wait to read the final book which I hope to high heaven is not disappointing, unlike the last books of certain other trilogies I shan’t deign to mention.

Lucien (James Moloney, HarperCollins)

View all 6 comments. Sep 01, Yvonne Boag rated it it was ok Shelves: Lucien has grown at a ferocious rate and appears as a four year old even though he was born only six months ago.

With the prophecies showing that whoever controls Lucien will control the world, koloney and death seem inevitable. Silvermay struggles to bring Lucien up in a loving family but with everyone trying to control his fate, his future seems to be laid out in stone. I really enjoyed the first book in this series, the second less so and this one was so crap I barely finished it.

Perhaps so but I found the story trite, the characters two dimensional and outcomes happened without any repercussions from the fall out. It just felt like the author wanted to finish up this series ASAP and had forgotten what started him on this journey in the first place. A generous two stars. A beautiful fast paced ending to this trilogy. James Moloney uses imagery that sends you into the world of Althane and whisks you right away with the characters.


I loved the magic and secrets that were revealed and prophecies that luciah to light in Lucien.

Silvermay and Tamlyn go through so much together and it’s very fitting what happens in the end. It was very emotional and I loved it! Lucien also goes through a lot and seeing him at that stage in life, struggling through the same things Tamlyn di A beautiful fast paced ending to this trilogy. Lucien also goes through a lot and seeing him at that stage in life, struggling through the same things Tamlyn did was at times very heart wrenching. Ryall and Birdie and Ossin all come through in the end, and the Battle of Haywode really does change the power in Athlane.

Geran was wonderful, and I missed her very much. Thankyou so much James Moloney for a wonderful series that sent me to another world! Jul 31, Madison rated it it was amazing. Jun 27, Flabnbone rated it really liked it.

Lucien, the final book in the trilogy, can be described in two words: Moloney has created a stunning world of unforgettable characters,and memorable quotes. The events that take place, however, are unexpected.

As a reader, we assume that Coyle, who was the antagonist in Books 1 and 2, will also be the lead antagonist in the final book. Rather, his fate takes a sudden twist and readers will luciah left surprised.

Additionally, unexpected things happen to Ryall, Lucien, the final book in the trilogy, can be described in two words: Additionally, unexpected things happen to Ryall, and the final battle occurs in a place unexpected.

Written stylishly, this book carriers not only a great story line, but also a moral that can be found in the words of Silvermay and Tamlyn. Overall, this trilogy has kept me company over the last three years, and now, I am a bit sad it is over.

I still remember back inwhen Silvermay Book 1 was first published.

I remember reading it, loving it, and couldn’t wait another year for Tamlyn Book 2. Well, with blink of an eye, all three books are now published, have been read. Now, I feel a bit empty. Wouldn’t it be good if Moloney wrote another series, set in the same word, but 15 or so years later, when Silvermay’s baby girl is all grown up? I wonder if that would ever happen. Fingers cross it will: May 22, Anne Hamilton rated it really liked it Shelves: I’m wavering between four and five stars on this one.

The long, almost bucolic interlude back at Haywode didn’t detract from the story but it made for a strange feel in the structure. Mainly because the tension after the death of virtually all the Wyrdborn could never be rebuilt by a merely human threat. Once Coyle is gone, no one is able to fill the gap, even the spectre of war. Though it makes a herculean effort to do so. On I’m wavering between four and five stars on this one. One of the great parts about the book was, in fact, that Coyle died so early in it.


This however left me with a puzzle about the mosaics, rather than a sense of suspense about them. If it wasn’t Coyle Strongbow who wears the strange warhelmet and directs the child Lucien into using his power, then who is it? Lucien’s protectiveness of Silvermay and, as he grows from toddler to teen in a matter of weeks, his obsessive jealousy of Tamlyn were extremely well done.

The fact that the Felan are more complex than the usual peace-loving isolated islanders of fantasy stories was a huge bonus; the fact that they saw the visions of the future involving Lucien accurately but misinterpreted them entirely was truly a splendid outcome.

I didn’t want the book to END! But I couldn’t stop myself from turning pages. I loved this trilogy so much I even got my younger sister hooked! We’re both forever ‘Silvermay” fans! I can’t wait to own a copy. Because I will read these books over and over and over. These are my favourite books now. I’m forever I didn’t want the book to END!

Feb 19, Ruby rated it it was amazing. You have to read this series from the start. Jul 13, Jeanette Schaeche rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I found that conclusions are usually the more exciting parts of a story, but “Lucien”, the third book on the “Silvermay” trilogy wasn’t so. It was filled with predictable chapters, events and plot until probably the last pages or so.

I knew Tamlyn would lose his Wyrdborn powers and knew that it wouldn’t work on Lucien at all. I was slightly surprised at Coyle’s and Hallig’s deaths, but not at the fact at it was done by Lucien’s hand. I knew Tamlyn and Silvermay would marry, and I knew that o I found that conclusions are usually the more exciting parts of a story, but “Lucien”, the third book on the “Silvermay” trilogy wasn’t so.

I knew Tamlyn and Silvermay would marry, and I knew that once Lucien had grown older, his love for Silvermay wouldn’t be like that between a mother and a son, but a jealous love. Admittedly, the final solution and the outcome of the prophecy predicted in the mosaics did come as a shock, as we had all been led to believe that it would be Coyle who would reek the havoc depicted in those images.

Also, I think that I might not have found this instalment as interesting to read because it’s been three years since I read the first book “Silvermay” and two years since I read “Tamlyn” the second book.