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Se recomienda utilizar guantes gruesos resistentes a objetos punzo cortantes como aquellos usados para limpiar y lavar platos en casa. The decontamination process was equivocally associated with sterilization: Que, conforme el Art. El uso de los batas debe ser de uso personal.

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Beauty and aesthetic centers. Knowledge of standart and isolation precautions in a large teaching hospital. This practice increases the risk of exposure to biological agents, potentially present in the blood, such as the hepatitis B and C viruses and the Human Immunodeficiency Virus HIV. Among the 84 manicurists interviewed MP and PS 4. A similar trend was found for the term disinfection with only To promote the practice of HH the National Health Surveillance Agency ANVISA recommends the use of paper towels to dry hands and liquid soap stored in dispensers for the lowest possibility of product contamination by microorganisms.

Reglamento Norma Boliviana de Bioseguridad – Free Download PDF

Juan Carlos Jarandilla R. Another risk is the contamination of eye structures, caused by fragments of nails, that can be thrown off while cutting, especially when the professional does not prevent this with the use of protective eye glasses. Esta actividad debe ser realizada por lo menos anualmente. In both groups of participants of the present study there was low adherence to decontamination of equipment and, in the MP group, the respondents were unable to define the term.


In general it was found that adherence was inadequate and knowledge insufficient for the participants of this study.

Professor at the Minas Pontifical Catholic University. Ethanol was also cited as a “sterilization method” by 7.

El manual de bioseguridad puede incluir: We need your help to maintenance this website. Manipular el material de manera semejante a otros desechos infecciosos. Se beauty and aesthetics professionals’ empirical way of working, due to a lack of preparation and knowledge about biosecurity recommendations, forms a relevant discussion on the risk of transmission of microorganisms to the professionals occupational and to the clients in this line of activity.

En la limpieza se debe realizar los siguientes pasos: Estos controles deben ser supervisados rutinariamente para garantizar su eficacia. Sandra de Vidal Dr. Hidden in the risk segment of aesthetic and beauty: Gir E, Gessolo F.

Lilian Belzu Cuba Lic. The city council provided a list that contained only six establishments, all of which could not be located.


Reglamento Norma Boliviana de Bioseguridad

The author did not note the presence of a written protocol for reprocessing or care of equipment in any of the salons. Survey of hepatitis B and C infection control: However, the knowledge was low especially for the MP group 7.

En el ejercicio de la medicina veterinaria, el contacto directo con animales y sus fluidos sangre, orina, materia fecal, placentas, saliva, etc. In the evaluation of reprocessing metal retractors and pliers to remove cuticles, scissors and nail clippers we found that both the MP and the PS presented adequate adherence in some of the situations investigated.

Correct answers to the questions ranged from Therefore, in this group, it was not possible to calculate the association p value of the sociodemographic variables with the other aspects evaluated.

Ministerio de Salud y Deportes Dr. Nioseguridad Cont Hosp Ep. In the beauty and aesthetics sector the professionals do not seem to be very concerned with cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces in the salons, therefore they are not carried out with a set routine, between attending different clients and at the end of the workday.

J Ayub Med Coll Abbottabad.